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Aqua Services is the largest inflatable boat dealer in Canada! With more than 300 Yamaha motors and inflatable boats in stock! We have several makes and models of inflatable boats in our inventory: Brig, Capelli, Walkerbay, Aqua Marine, Mercury, Bombard, Zodiac, Avon ... If you are looking for a small inflatable boat such as the ''roll-up'' or simply if you hesitate on which to choose between an inflatable boat with an inflatable or wooden floor, maybe, our semi-rigid fiberglass Inflatables might interest you. Aqua Services has the best selection and the best inflatable boat for your needs!

Bateaux Pneumatique
Inflatable Boats

Bateaux Pneumatique ''avec volant''
Rigged Inflatable Boats

Moteur hors-bord
Outboard Motor


Bateaux Pneumatiques Commercial / Sécurité / Plongée
Rescue / Dive / Commercial Inflatable Boats

Réparation Bateaux Pneumatiques
Inflatable Boat Repair

Pièces et Accessoires
Inflatable Boat Parts


Why choose an inflatable boat?

Assembling an inflatable boat with air floor:

Assembling an inflatable boat with a rigid floor:

Why choose an inflatable boat?
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